In sim racing, computer simulations on a PC or games console replicate practical races and the physics of driving, traction, grip and tyre behaviour are simulated as exactly as possible.

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On Friday 12 February history was made, when Mercedes-Benz South Africa and local esports powerhouse ATK Arena revealed a partnership. This three-year collaboration is the very first of its kind in South Africa.

According to journalism release, Mercedes-Benz South Africa is the very first motorsport partnership with an esports group in the nation, getting in as a sponsor for ATK Arena’s Sim Racing and League of Legends groups. Moreover, Mercedes-Benz South Africa will stand as the main sponsor for ATK Arena’s location in Cape Town.

With this collaboration also comes some extremely interesting news for sim racing gamers in South Africa, with the announcement of the Mercedes-Benz ATK Pro Series 2021.

The Mercedes-Benz ATK Pro Series 2021 will see top sim racers in South Africa complete for the title of the nation’s finest sim racer. The winner will represent South Africa in the FIA Motorsport Games which is scheduled to happen in October 2021.

The Mercedes-Benz ATK Pro Series will welcome drivers to race in a series of GT3 vehicles assisted by a Mercedes-Benz GT4 pace vehicle. Registrations for the Mercedes-Benz ATK Pro Series 2021 open on 15 February 2021. You can register by heading to the devoted website.

” Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz Pro Series 2021, South Africa’s Premier Sim Racing Championship. Fielding the leading drivers in South Africa, the competition has actually never been closer. Can Zaahir Essa keep his crown? Can Basheer Jadwat and Jordan Sherrat take the top action at the end of the season? Or will we see new talent seeking to make a name in South African Sim Racing?”

The series will feature brand-new and better rulesets and embrace more real-life guidelines to bring the field of racers closer together. With a harsher position on misbehaving drivers motivating a cleaner competitors. There’s likewise an improved race-day schedule, with the Mercedes-Benz ATK Pro Series 2021 featuring a single day of competitors on a weekend.

At the time of writing, specific times have actually not been revealed. For more upcoming information as the Mercedes-Benz ATK Pro Series 2021 nears its very first occasion, take a look at the Pro Series ZA Twitter account, and join their Discord server.