Throughout NXT’s history, there have actually been lots of instances of a certain storyline changing due to the fact that of a primary roster call-up. Often, this winds up for the best, giving new stars an opportunity to take the moment. Other times, it sends a ripple through the roster and throws much more off than you may imagine. In Matt Riddle’s case, it appears to be the latter. Fightful has actually recently reported from backstage at NXT that approximately 8 other talents had their reservation plans modification due to the Brother’s increase on SmackDown. Here’s what we can piece together:

Most clearly, Pete Dunne is now officially an NXT Tag Team Champ due to the international pandemic. Timothy Thatcher was generated as a replacement partner turned rival to give Riddle some sort of sendoff before his departure. Imperium was also employed to carry the titles, which was not initially the plan.

If Riddle would have remained in NXT, WWE was pleased to suffer the pandemic with the belt around his waist. His main opposition would have been Indus Shera, the team who just recently debuted on NXT under the management of Malcolm Bivens. Indus Shera was thought about too inexperienced to hold the straps, so their function was filled by another team and they were booted back off TV.

Riddle isn’t even the only NXT talent coming near the primary roster in recent times. Dominik Dijakovic is headed to RAW since this week, and his departure leaves a hole in the NXT midcard. Another reported departure is Chelsea Green, who fired supervisor Robert Stone after just a brief partnership. It’s uncertain how these two would have affected plans moving forward, and if NXT creative can now relax through a mask and prepare for the future.