Although he hasn’t had direct discussions about the issue, Green Bay Packers coach Matt LaFleur validated his group will support players if they select to peacefully protest social injustice, racial inequality and authorities cruelty throughout the 2020 season and beyond.

Throughout a 30-minute conference call with reporters on Friday, LaFleur acknowledged he’s now “much more aware” about racial issues and stated it was “regrettable” how groups throughout the NFL handled the tranquil demonstrations during the nationwide anthem in the past.

” I am definitely eagerly anticipating having those discussions with our players, but my frame of mind – and I think I can promote our organization – is we are going to support our players,” LaFleur said. “We are going to support them and what they wish to do, provided that it’s tranquil. And we’ll always do that.”

LaFleur stated the group has actually focused greatly on listening to private experiences and better comprehending the battles of African American players during group meetings because the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on Might 25.

He stated players informed “powerful” stories of “battles that they have dealt with for many years and years and years.”

For LaFleur, who stated it was essential to “listen” and “be better for them,” the objective became clear: “We’ve all got to combat these oppressions together.”

The Packers stepped up their efforts to support gamers and battle for important social causes in the last week, producing a player-led video statement – stressing “Enough is enough” – and donating $500,000, consisting of $250,000 from team president Mark Murphy and his household, to assist numerous local causes connected to social injustice and racial inequality.

LaFleur’s dedication to supporting demonstration from players aligns with the NFL’s new stance on the problem. Commissioner Roger Goodell said Friday the league will “motivate all to speak out and quietly demonstration.” Packers receiver Davante Adams was associated with a video from various NFL stars pleading with the NFL to support players as they continue the defend equality.

” I want us to take action and really attempt to come up with things that we can do to make a modification for the better for everybody in this nation,” LaFleur said. “That’s what needs to occur.”