LEXINGTON, Ky.– If you wondered how much cash was lost in college sports when the coronavirus forced cancellation of the 2020 men’s NCAA basketball tournament, that response is now available.

According to the NCAA’s latest audited monetary declaration, a copy of which was gotten by U.S.A. Today, not having the males’s postseason hoops tourney last year resulted in a $600 million yearly decrease in overall profits for the college sports governing body in 2020.

In 2019, the NCAA had $868 million in TV and marketing rights income, nearly all from its contract with CBS and Turner Sports to transmit the males’s basketball tournament.

For 2020, rather than get the expected $827 million from CBS and Turner for the rights to telecast the men’s hoops tourney, the NCAA instead received $113.1 million.

An occasion cancellation insurance plan likewise paid the NCAA $270 million.

Bottom line, the NCAA distributed $611 million to its member schools for financial year 2019. Last year, that figure was up to $246 million.

That loss of some $365 million in NCAA distributions is the backdrop for why you hear individuals stating that the survival of college sports as we have typically understood them may depend upon there being a guys’s NCAA hoops tourney in 2021.

Considered that, can somebody discuss why the various college sports conferences are going to have the teams/players who will be required to hold an NCAA Competition danger possible exposure to the coronavirus only days prior to the Huge Dance tips off by completing in league tourneys?

If there were going to be conference competitions in 2021, there required to be more time built into the schedule in between the league occasions and the NCAA tourney.