As the best former referee in the Premier League, Mark Clattenburg can speak from a viewpoint of authority when it concerns certain choices.

Widely appreciated by players and managers alike, the English top-flight has actually been much the poorer given that Clattenburg chose to take his whistle to Saudi Arabia.

In his column for the Daily Mail, he’s highlighted how the PGMOL, the governing body for match referees at the elite level, have got it incorrect once again, and he’s clearly not delighted.

Much was made of the choice in between VAR and the on-pitch referee, Jon Moss, allowing Male City midfielder, Bernardo Silva’s goal versus Aston Villa to stand when team-mate Rodri was coming back from an offside position.

” I stated at the time that letting Manchester City’s goal stand was the incorrect call. PGMOL attempted to validate it by describing the law and their analysis of it.,” Clattenburg noted.

” They hid behind the concept that Tyrone Mings ‘deliberately’ played the ball.

” However by now saying this would be offside from now on, they are admitting they remained in the incorrect. It’s only right that scenarios such as this would lead to an offside.

” That is what everyone associated with football would expect to occur.

” Mings chested the ball however was challenged right away by Rodri, which prevented him from acquiring control of it. He was then robbed of belongings and City acquired a benefit.

” At least now we understand this would be offside in the future.”

If nothing else the rule has been absolutely clarified, although that doesn’t actually assist Aston Villa who had every right to feel aggrieved at the time.

VAR was expected to rule out such mistakes however it appears that the innovation is just muddying the waters for all sorts of factors.