Armut was the standout gamer these days’s match, assisting MAD safe numerous teamfight wins off the back of his engages.

MAD Lions took down Fnatic today in the 5th week of the 2021 LEC Spring Split.

While all of MAD’s lanes looked better compared to Fnatic today, Armut was the standout gamer. The Turkish import utilized Gnar to protect several teamfight wins for his squad and led them to success. His efficiency earned him his fourth Player of the Video game award of the split.

This League of Legends face-off began with both groups on even footing. A kill in the leading lane was traded for a kill in the bottom lane and the very same chose objectives. While Fnatic utilized a great deal of resources to protect the early dragons, MAD got towers and had exceptional farm throughout the board. The early teamfights were close, but as soon as Armut got 2 items, he became a substantial threat for Fnatic to handle.

With an effective frontline that was zoning out the continues Fnatic, MAD looked unstoppable and ended up the match after a one-sided teamfight.

MAD (7-4) left to a great start to the split, maintaining a top-four place in the standings throughout the first 4 weeks. Following this dominant victory today, they broke their tie with Fnatic and are in sole possession of third place in the 2021 LEC Spring Split for now.

With the confidence and momentum from this 2-0 weekend, MAD ought to be able to secure 2 wins next week against SK Gaming and Excel Esports.