Luminosity Video gaming jumped into the Valorant buzz when they signed the MIXUP lineup in the middle of August, but have actually stopped working to deliver in terms of outcomes and for this reason with the change in the roster.

With the finalizing of Ksiaze and Venerated, Lucas “fiziq” Blow will remain with the lineup as their substitute while Charles “Hoppin” Clapper has been launched from the organization.

Venerated was a former professional PUBG player who primarily represented Envy the majority of his career.

His accomplishments were to win the FirstBlood PUBG Invitational October 2018, National PUBG League – Royale: Stage 2 and the showmatch Twitch Competitors Team NA competition.

He finished third in both the National PUBG League Phase 1 and the PGS: Berlin NA Closed Qualifier.

When he moved to Valorant, the core of the Envy roster was signed by 100 Thieves which ultimately got launched after a string of bad outcomes.

100 Thieves signed ‘nitr0’ after the initial group placed 5th-6th in the Knights Invitational, and 13th-16th in the FaZe Clan Invitational.

The team was heavily slammed after a string of losses, while Venerated and Hiko were the only remarkable entertainers within the group.

Ksiaze was a former CS: GO professional gamer and much like others chose to make the switch to Valorant.

He positioned 3rd-4th in the WESG 2016 Canada, 9th-16th in the ESEA Advanced Season 30 NA, and 9th-16th in 32nd season.

The Canadian was signed by Charlotte Phoenix where the group finished second at the Knights Gauntlet Closed Qualifier and ended up 13th-16th in the main event of the tournament.

The team was released quickly after and he joined his teammates in Increase where they placed 3rd-4th at the eUnited Charity Clash and was one of the very best entertainers in that competition.

Presently the new lineup of Luminosity Video gaming is playing in the PULSE Series.