There is some amazing news for European League of Legends fans ahead of the week 4 LEC matches, as Nick “LS” De Cesare will be signing up with the casting team on the analyst desk.

The previous LCK caster-turned-content creator for the T1 League of Legends roster is known for his precise analytical takes on the MOBA.

He has actually typically discussed off-meta, yet overpowered develop paths and champion choices that professional gamers were influenced by and have executed on the competitive phase.

Nevertheless, LS’ genius does not precisely come without a bit of a hiccup as he is, without a doubt, one of the most questionable figures in the League of Legends esports scene.

2019 wasn’t precisely a great year for the caster/analyst as he needed to deal with a great deal of bias and harassment when reports emerged that we may be joining T1 as their brand-new coach.

The quantity of criticism that he obtained from the Korean League of Legends neighborhood was rather staggering. It led him to shut off each of his social media manages and then later sign up with T1 as just a material creator.

Having said that, the current controversies surrounding him don’t eclipse his analytical expertise when it pertains to League of Legends. His participation in week 4 of the LEC is still very amazing for fans of the European league.

League of Legends LEC caster Trevor “Quickshot” Henry validated in a follow-up tweet that LS will actually be joining the analyst desk for week 4.