Hello, eSports lovers, and invite back to our continued eSports DFS coverage of League of Legends for DraftKings and FanDuel! I’m Billy (aka “the kid”) Hoffer and I’m back with some LPL/LCK analysis.

Tonight, we have a four-game slate with two matches in the LPL and 2 in the LCK. As constantly, I am going to do my finest to give you top quality analysis and actionable suggestions for tomorrow morning’s DFS slate.

Today I’ll be offering my League of Legends recommendations, analysis, and choices, for this LCK slate on DraftKings and FanDuel that locks at 3:00 AM on Thursday, February 25th, 2021. If you’re not already, then make certain you follow me on Twitter @Hofferkid!

V5 can be found in sitting at.500 while OMG is tied for dead last in the LPL standings. I think these chances should be more like -400. V5 has the edge in baron and herald rates, however do not put much top priority on dragons. It is easy for V5, get ahead early and stay ahead. V5 has a 90% win rate when ahead at the 15 minute mark. Great news for V5 is that OMG is the worst early video game team in the LPL as they sport a -1500 average gold differential at 15 minutes. Weiwei holds a ridiculous 77% kill involvement, while Mole leads the group with a 25% damage rate. They absolutely make my preferred JNG/MID duo on the slate.

Another lopsided match here, seems like we have been getting a lot of these lately. RNG is third in the league standings at the minute while RW sits tied for last with OMG. Do not really need much of a description here, RNG owns RW in every fact that matters. Should be an easy 2-0 for RNG right?. I would think so, however as we have seen in the past, nothing is ensured with any RNG team. I do like them to sweep here but I do believe they will can be found in as the greatest owned stack tonight. I like discovering my one-off or little stack from RNG to attempt to acquire a little utilize. GALA leads this RNG team in both kill participation and damage percent.

Another slate with T1 on it, who will they start is the question we are all asking. After totally altering the entire lineup last match and making me look dumb for suggesting individuals who did not begin. I apologize for that and we proceed. If you can’t be up at 2A. M. eastern to check LCK lineups on Twitter, then do not play T1 tonight.

I am going to guess and say they will roll the same line as last time however no guarantees. NS sits at 3-7 while T1 has actually had a rocky split so far for their standards and presently sit at 5-5. T1 has advantages in very first flood, first turret, dragons, and barons. I like the BOT lane a lot tonight for T1, whoever they do begin will have a huge advantage. Keria is most likely the only guy that makes certain to start on this lineup. I like T1 to sweep and their ownership will likely be surpressed due to lineup modifications and much heavier favorites on the slate. Might be an actually sneaky area if you can remain up and wait for lineups to come out.

DAMWON is still the kings of the LCK, and Sandbox sits in last location at simply 2-8 this split. Type of a copy and paste from the RNG match here. DWG owns Sandbox in every stat. I fear that DWG may end up these games too fast leading to a low-scoring 2-0 sweep. The benefit is constantly there with DWG but this will be a vert popular spot. I will be fading DWG tonight with the exception of possibly a one-off and if it sinks me then it sinks me. This whole roster is practical tonight. My preferred way to go here would be a BeryL one-off, I never ever typically one-off the Assistance position but the sure sweep benefit here is always good to have at SUP.