Hello, eSports enthusiasts, and invite back to our continued eSports DFS coverage of League of Legends for DraftKings and FanDuel! We have no LCK video games for this slate so it will simply be a two-game LPL slate.

My name is Billy Hoffer and I’m a big fan of LOL, CSGO, and COD and have been a DFS grinder for a long time now. I realize I have some big shoes to fill as I fill in for the respected Mr. Malmanger with these LPL selects, however I am going to do my finest to provide you premium analysis and actionable advice for tomorrow early morning’s DFS slate.

To begin the early morning off we get a battle between 2 teams who are really tight in the LPL standings. LGD is coming off of a sweep victory over EDG, while WE has not played in six days but did last beat LNG 2-1. LGD holds the edge in very first turret rate along with very first blood portion. Meanwhile, WE holds advantages in all 3 of the neutral objectives (Dragons, Heralds, Barons). LGD is a little better early as they hold a +521 gold differential at 15 minutes, while WE sits at -180. This is an extremely tough game to forecast as there are no substantial lane advantages on ether side and statistics are fairly close, however I will lean LGD here.

This is a match that will actually come down to the draft and as it always does, it will be majorly important for LGD to prohibit out Teacherma’s champ pool as best as possible and require him into an unfavorable match-up. WE likes to win games from group battles and they are relatively effective in doing so. I believe LGD can match that early game and get ahead early as I think that is their win condition. When WE supports, it leads to a lot of silly and unnecessary team battling from them which can cause some huge production from the side of LGD. Peanut and Xiye hold the top kill participation rates for LGD. I’m rolling with the slight canines here.

Another match with an extremely tight spread and this one brings us two of the leading 4 teams in the LPL. Invictus is can be found in hot having actually won their last 4 directly. V5 on the other hand, has won six of their last 7 and continue to prove that they truly are among the finest in the LPL. V5 has very slight advantages in very first turret and very first blood portions. IG has a minor dragon edge, while V5 holds much better herald and baron rates.

The statistics are very close in between these two teams, but I like the side of V5 in this one. I provide a bot lane benefit over IG as Samd and ppGod have been elite all split. The mid lane goes in favor of IG, however the jungle is where I believe V5 has their biggest advantage. WeiWei holds a ridiculous kill participation of 77.9%. I think a huge factor V5 takes this one is through leading lane ganks onto TheShy as he is no complete stranger to dying. When IG gets behind early they have a very bumpy ride coming back, I think IG takes one game, so i’ll go V5 here, 2-1.

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