Last night drawn; I drew. There is no hiding from that fact. I casually mentioned IG doing the many IG things and finding a way to lose to SNG but didn’t do anything about it. SNG, to their credit, turned up the pace from their previous passive play, which bodes well for them trying to climb up back into playoff contention. I can’t await 11.4 to get here so that Samira can finally leave because I’m so fed up with seeing groups draft her into comps created to disengage. I might never ever overcome seeing Azir, Gragas, Alistar, and a fed Renekton all awaiting Samira to attempt to gap close onto a Kaisa. Simply like routine dream analysts complain about operating on first down or not adjusting your swing aircraft to get the ball in the air, the method groups prepare still boggle my damm mind sometimes.

We’re back onto the two-game slates leading up to Thursday and on into a big weekend. EDG will want to rebound versus a poor RW squad that beings in last location in the LPL. JDG looks to continue their playoff push in a face-off with FPX, who is unexpectedly having a hard time after opening the split, looking like one of the top competitors.

Today I’ll offer my League of Legends advice, analysis, and picks, for this LPL slate on DraftKings and FanDuel that locks at 4:00 AM on Monday, March 1st, 2021. Ensure you follow me on Twitter @Mr_Malmanger as I often post starting lineups when I see them and other useful information for the slate.

EDG and I both get a bit of a bounceback spot here after a rough go last time out. EDG dropped their very first set of the year to Invictus Video gaming on Friday, so we’ll get to see how they react today versus Rogue Warriors. RW did show some signs of life on Saturday, winning a game versus LGD, however aside from that have been left for dead as the worst team in the LPL. Betty is back, and they have their full roster undamaged, so hopefully, they can continue favorable development to develop some momentum into the summer split.

There can be no analysis here; RW is the worst team in the league, and EDG is among the finest. RW has a higher rift herald rate, which is unexpected, however EDG has every other substantial stat in their favor. RW average 18.5 deaths per loss, EDG only simply over 16 kills in a win. The only factor anyone plays RW today is due to the fact that they need to submit 150 lineups. They’ll be sub 5% owned on a two-game slate, however I question even that is enough to attract me. Haro has already had numerous opportunities to get revenge on EDG because he left halfway through the 2019 season, so I believe that story has expired, as has any possibility that RW win this match.

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Something I hate about LOL dfs is when I’m stuck on a team. Presently, I’m stuck on FPX after playing them versus RNG. I dislike to leap off now, however they also looked terrible in that match. JDG had some trouble with TT on Friday and was one barrel from Zoom away from getting swept. So both groups are being available in with some things that need work.

FPX dominates the statistics with a much better early video game than the side of JDG. FPX is also good late managing both the overall drakes and baron numbers. The problem is again for anyone dealing with JDG is that their team combating is so extreme that nearly no lead is safe. The next question is that FPX accrued the majority of their statistics with Bo in the jungle and not Beichuan. Finally, the biggest issue is that the rest of FPX around the jungler kept an eye out of sync in the RNG match. JDG won’t push the rate like Royal did, however they are a really collaborated team around objectives.

I HATE to do it, but I’m jumping off FPX here and siding with JDG to pick up the win. I got too adorable chasing after the ownership on the side of FPX last match and got precisely what I wanted. Here on a two-game slate, FPX will be 15%-20% owned no matter what. JDG will be two times that, especially with them being available in priced as pet dogs. They were able to outfight TT after being down, and after that lastly, on map three, they blocked the cross-map plays and travelled to victory. This game ought to be close and could go in any case, so you can do not hesitate to mix it up.