There are numerous League of Legends skins or skins that have no genuine effect on the lore or story of the game, and are merely a cosmetic line for particular popular champions or to complete the periodic event.

Something rational thinking about the amount of aspects that are in the video game, but sometimes, Riot Games takes benefit of the advantage of these skins to connect it with history that, for a long time, have been dealing with Runeterra.

The next champ that will reach Summoner’s Rift will be an in the past and after in the League of Legends universe, and that is that Viego, the Destroyed King, has gotten here to bring his lethal fog with him and the despair of numerous.

In the video ‘The Ruin’ with which they introduced Viego, it is seen how Lucian and Senna are on an island when, suddenly, they notice the Fog, and with it the Destroyed King. A fog that, during the trailer, created chaos.

From cities flooded with Viego’s trademark blight, to champions who are impacted by this strange magic; curiously, weeks before we knew a number of champions with these aspects:

Draven, Karma and Shyvana They are the champs chosen to have actually a ‘Ruined’ skin, which implies that they will have a value in the tradition of League of Legends related to Viego, but not only in the MOBA. This has been confirmed by a rioter, making sure that the elements They are canon and belong to the lore.

Riot Games will introduce its game in early 2021 ‘Messed up king ‘, a story based upon League of Legends that we have actually currently discussed which, of course, will have as its primary property continuing this story of the Ruined King.

What does it indicate that Draven, Karma and Shyvana be messed up champions? At the minute, we don’t understand, however we do understand the impacts of the Fog, which seems to control the character (like Viego himself in the Rift) and entirely lose his autonomy.

According to the lore of Viego, he uses his Fog to attempt to return his cherished and better half, Isolde, blinded by a damaged love of death and misery, and he will do his finest to claim vengeance.

With this in mind, it is likely that we will see these 3 champs in Destroyed King, and that we will find out more about the tradition through Viego’s dialogue with these champs if they have actually the Ruined skin on. Well played, Riot.