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A couple of hours back, an earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale struck main Croatia, leaving at least one person dead and several injured. This is a severe circumstance that a well-known streamer and League of Legends professional experienced during a broadcast.

Perkz, a mid laner who was just recently signed by Cloud9, was broadcasting League of Legends from his home country of Croatia. The gamer is presently there due to the holiday period which, at the minute, the competitive Riot Games MOBA leagues are on their annual hiatus.

As you can envision, Perkz thought it would be a broadcast like any other, so he was practicing League of Legends while his fans were seeing. That stated, the unexpected natural disaster altered plans, as the streamer had to move far from the keyboard for his safety which of his family.

In the beginning, Perkz seemed not much surprised by the earthquake. That said, as the intensity increased, he recognized that it was a major earthquake, so he deserted his League of Legends game to abandon his house.

You can see the minute here or in the following video:

Perkz had actually never felt a trembling

In a post made on Twitter, Perkz exposed that he had never ever felt a shaking in his own flesh prior to. That could describe why his initial reaction was so calm for the scale of the situation.

” The first time I felt an earthquake and it was the strongest ever in Croatia. Great heavens “, pointed out the League of Legends expert on social media.

And you, do you understand another streamer who endured the earthquake live? Tell us in the remarks.

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