Esports has ended up being a major talking point worldwide, with many checking out the company side of it all, and young fans looking towards the endeavour as a legitimate profession.

Here to shed some light on the matter during Level Up Play One were Pontus Lövgren, Co-founder of Epulze, Alvaro Sanchez Velasco, and Richard Garcia, both Tech Managers and Broadcasters at Epulze.

According to Lövgren, Epulze was started through enthusiasm by hardcore Dota fans, particularly himself and his sibling. They were checking out supplying a platform where fans could find more information on tournaments and sign up with stated competitions also.

He notes that “what started as a small platform, has ended up being a big endeavour and one-stop business for talent management, broadcasting, and holding tournaments in esports”.

Epulze’s future is to be a platform for players from all elements of esports, enabling them to contend at the amateur and expert level.

Epulze’s Malaysian branch is now a broadcasting studio, in addition to a central center for Southeast Asian tournaments. They are still looking into working with developers in Malaysia, as well as whatever else from admin, assistance, sales, broadcasting, and an entire spectrum of jobs.

“Esports is growing and is an excellent way to start your expert profession specifically throughout this global pandemic. If you wish to remain in the scene or already remain in it, and want to make a profession, try it out, there are lots of possibilities”.

Lövgren advises individuals to follow their enthusiasm, their strengths, find what people can contribute to the scene and get in contact with individuals you desire to work with. Epulze began all this by dealing with little video gaming neighborhoods, so he advises beginning with there.

Richard Garcia, on the other hand, began gaming at 8 on PC, and didn’t anticipate it to be his full-time task at some point. He started to actually get included by dealing with competition organisers and getting nationwide groups in the US to play globally.

Alvaro Sanchez Velasco began when he was 13, all because somebody told him Dota was a dying video game. This idea made him wish to stop that from taking place, an honorable objective he notes. He started as an author on a few websites, and quickly began casting for smaller tournaments.

Garcia understood it was a growing market and understood he could find his place in the scene. As soon as he comprehended that esports was not simply for emerging players but likewise for other sort of work, like broadcasting, that’s when he realized that there was a foundation supporting the market.

Velasco also didn’t intend on it being a profession; he was simply volunteering, and earning money to do what he loved was a pipe dream. He got a degree in software engineering on the side, but quickly, what was just his pastime grew to end up being a lot more. He was a Spanish caster and was a pioneer in the first Spanish Dota tournament.

If you’re searching for more details on how you can begin a profession in esports, take a look at Epulze’s webinar on the second day of Level Up PLAY ONE.