Doug Ford might well have ended his political profession with his cavalier, off-the-cuff remark that “It’s not completion of the world” (“Ontario’s ICUs filling up fast,” Antonella Artuso, Dec. 23). That a person statement reveals how out of touch he and his bureaucrats are with individuals of Ontario. It is the end of the world for individuals who put thousands into their small companies to fulfill COVID protocols, just to have them shut down and, now, closed permanently. It’s the end of the world for individuals thrown away of work, who are now losing their houses and wondering how they’ll feed their kids. It’s absolutely completion of the world for those whose deepening depression leads them to suicide, to sick people who can’t get treatment or surgery, and to those who wait so long for a diagnosis that it’s too late to save their lives. Many of all, it’s the end of the world for numerous LTC home locals. Ford and his “professionals” are safely embeded their six-figure cocoons and have no real idea what they have actually done to this province. If there was ever a contemporary variation of “let them eat cake,” Doug Ford simply uttered it. May it return to bite him.