Based on CDC standards about 19,000 individuals can immunized in 10 days with a 4-person center administering 120 vaccinations per hour at a minimum of 16 hours each day. So, with just one center we can vaccinate everybody in Tucson in 287 days! With 10 Vaccination stations we could give preliminary vaccinations in about thirty days. We should be looking at TCC, Kino Stadium, Hi-Corbett, Arizona Football Stadium and chosen high school football arenas around Tucson to set up two stations at the bigger places and one station at the smaller sized ones. Places with a lot of parking where people can sit down to wait 15 minutes after the inoculation for any possible reaction. I am concerned a coordinated prepare for our neighborhood is not in location. We should focus on being proactive in preparing yourself for the roll-out of the vaccine. A “drug shop” operation is inadequate. We need the National Guard to run this operation with a collaborative effort to get this all set up!

Richard Harper

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As sent to the Arizona Daily Star.

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