Right off the bat, some people can name their preferred games and characters for you, relating each story word for precise word. Fan clubs are constructed, communities are established and people all over the world find various methods and indicates to enjoy themselves in this way. I’m a casual player, however I like seeing the walkthroughs and adjustment videos. However, my intro to video gaming innovation really began with Jeron Lee.

How did you become a passionate player?

” I became a devoted gamer when I was 6 and my dad got me a PS2 after he went to America for some organisation. When I got that, you might say it was love at first sight. The very first video game I got with it was Metal Gear Solid 2: Kids of Liberty. I keep in mind playing that game for hours and not making any progress due to the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing. It wasn’t up until a good friend of mine assisted me comprehend how the video game was played that I was able to beat it although the story was way too made complex for six year old me to comprehend. The graphics and the gameplay where so incredible that I knew this was a pastime I ‘d never give up.”

Do you have a favourite title or series that you play?

” My favourite title … I have actually had a couple over the years, from Grand Theft Vehicle: San Andreas to God of War to Assassin’s Creed 2. However, what’ll be my preferred title from here on out would be Red Dead Redemption 2 – that game, in my viewpoint, is a work of art. The graphics are fantastic. The story is a heartbreaking tale of hooligans on the run and the gameplay is a terrific mix of pulse pounding action and cowboy life simulation. For my preferred series I ‘d say I have 3 – The Grand Theft Vehicle series, the God of War series and the Persona series.”

I understand that the gaming industry is growing steadily. How can one monetize their abilities in this field?

” How can one monetize their abilities? There are multiple ways: you can make video games and attempt to offer them on platforms like Steam, The Impressive Shop or the App Store/Play Store, you could try and sign up with a video game development studio as a professional or try and become a full-time staff member. If we’re talking about skills while simply playing video games, a person can attempt streaming gameplay on sites such as Twitch and Mixer, or if they enjoy competitive games, then League of Legends or Overwatch. They can attempt completing in computer game competitions for money prizes. I ‘d love to see a Jamaican video game group.”

What do you believe a Jamaican video game would resemble?

” Well, from my experience I’ve discovered a lot of Jamaicans like football games like FIFA, so maybe a football game where you can play as a small time Jamaican football team and work your method up to winning the World Cup.”