North American Dota 2 group Quincy Crew is looking for assistance from the continent south. Brazillian player Lelis joins the Crew in an official capability as its offlaner, after standing in for an effective championship perform at the ESL One Birmingham Online tournament.

Lelis has actually been well-known as one of South America’s finest position 3s, having played in the majority of the region’s best companies. The Brazilian was embeded the larger public eye when he was hired by the now-retired ppd for his Ninjas in Pyjamas roster in January, assisting the formerly lackluster group to get approved for the ESL One Los Angeles Major prior to the COVID-19 pandemic put LAN events to a stop.

The player was a stand-in for Quincy Team. assisting the team control the playoffs at ESL One Birmingham Online, using non-traditional offlane heroes like Death Prophet, Lycan, and Tusk to put tremendous pressure on the map.

Most of Quincy Team’s roster has actually been set in stone given that the beginning of the season, however the offlaner spot has actually been a hard one to fill for the NA team. SumaiL was the first carry for the squad, while brother YawaR filled out the position three role. It took simply two weeks for SumaiL to leave the roster, however, and the team has actually been through a turning roster of offlaners given that then.