Twitch Banner 4Conner has discovered himself in hot water after his dripped DMs on Discord surface online. The Web fasted to accuse him of being a racist, anti-Semitic, transphobic person. The streaming community fasted to let him know that it would be much better off without him.

For the inexperienced, 4Conner is a popular banner on Twitch. He typically streams Amongst us and Rocket League. The 20-year-old increased to popularity in 2018 after beating a popular League of Legends streamer.

Just recently, 4Conner’s logs emerged on Imgur. After the controversial logs dripped, 4Conner fasted to say sorry and explained that his future on the planet of streaming is basically “over.”.

The logs that made their way online on 20th February revealed a horde of stunning messages. The logs exposed 4Conner’s awful views on numerous minority neighborhoods.

A message that goes back to September 9, 2019, revealed 4Conner making explicit remarks about the African-American neighborhood. While talking about a clothing, he goes on to say this:.

” If quiet gowns like that at the Twitchcon, I will be dedicating hate criminal activities. Towards the entire African-American race.”.

In another DM that emerged in the 4Conner logs, he discusses how females can never be good at video games.

The overbearing and dark undertones present in all the leaked DMs that appeared with the 4Conner logs is not something the Web took kindly to. Twitter users fasted to call out the streamer.

Here are some reactions on Twitter:.

Jerk Banner “Kayla,” who was among the people spotted in the 4Conner logs, was fast to extract an apology of her own. Shortly after the experience began gaining traction, Kayla took to Twitter and discussed her side of the story.

Kayla admitted that it was wrong on her part to not remedy 4Conner’s ridiculous behavior. She added that she no longer surrounds herself with individuals who exhibit such habits and has gained from her mistakes.

Popular banner Mizkif likewise described in a livestream how 4Conner is no longer welcome to his house.

Jerk is yet to provide a remark on the future of his channel.