League of Legends’ upcoming patch is going to be tough to swallow for Aphelios mains.

League lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter detailed the tentative Patch 10.15 changes today, discussing that the Weapon of the Faithful’s Crescendum and Infernum will take a hit. And, as expected, Lee Sin’s Safeguard (W) is being nerfed.

Scruffy hinted yesterday that Aphelios’ turrets would be nerfed. Today the Riot dev tossed in some Infernum tweaks, too.

The activation delay on the Crescendum turrets is being pressed to 0.35 seconds, up from 0.25. And their range is likewise decreasing substantially to 500, down from 575.

Runaan’s Cyclone, a core product on Aphelios, provides the AD bring’s Infernum too much power. Riot is targeting the quantity of crit cone rockets on Infernum, both with and without a Runaan’s geared up. And devs are also minimizing the cone length by 100 systems, as well as eliminating Runaan’s bolts’ ability to damage opponents they go through.

Lee Sin is touted as one of the most mobile champs and can be oppressive in the ideal hands. So Riot is increasing his Safeguard’s cooldown to 14 seconds, up from 12.

Riot is beginning to form the 2020 World Championship meta, tweaking outliers that can negatively impact pro play. The Patch 10.15 modifications described are accountable to alter previously striking the live servers, however.