The League of Legends: Wild Rift Limited Alpha test is finally here! Beginning on June 6 till June 27, selected gamers in Brazil and the Philippines will be able to play Wild Rift. Sadly, this Minimal Alpha Test will be limited to gamers with Android phones only (Sorry, iPhone users).

This test will be collecting feedback on the coreplay of Wild Rift to see if it measures up to the League of Legends MOBA experience on PC. Besides that, the video game will likewise be checking the playability of the video game to basic mobile gamers, the development system, as well as facilities and service stability.

For a better concept on how the gameplay, mechanics along with the champions, we suggest taking a crack at through the Dev Journal below.

Those who are qualified for the Alpha Test will be getting invites on June 6. Nevertheless, from June 6 to 8, servers will just be available for play from 6PM to 8PM. If you didn’t receive a welcome on June 6, don’t worry as more welcomes will be sent as the Alpha Checking progresses.

As discussed formerly, not all champs will be available for the Alpha Test. The Alpha Lineup for Wild Rift consist of:

For those who are invited, make sure that your smartphone works on Android and fulfills the minimum specs needed to run the video game which are:

Nevertheless, at launch, the game is expected to be able to operate on lower Android devices as well as iOS:

Throughout the Restricted Alpha Checking, players are free to tape gameplay and even talk about it as there is no NDA. Any progression in-game will not be rollovered to introduce to make things reasonable for all gamers.

Any bugs or problems can be reported straight on the Google Play Shop as well as their devoted website. However, don’t expect outstanding Player Assistance for the video game as it is still in the Alpha stage.