League of Legends: Wild Rift continues to begin 2021 strong with the introduction of even more material, this time five new fan-favorite skins from League.

The extensively popular Star Guardian skin range has actually lastly started to go into Wild Rift, beginning with the corresponding skins for Ezreal, Janna, Jinx, Lulu, and Lux.

League of Legends PC gamers will recognize with these skins as they were currently formerly offered in the video game. Given that their introduction, the Star Guardians have been a few of the most popular skins in the video game due to their unique visual and audio effects and their exceptional intense style.

All these skins are now readily available in the Wild Rift in-game store for the rate of 1,325 Wild Cores.

Over the month up until now Wild Rift has actually started the year by introducing a range of new champs through the present Yordle Exploration, however likewise a range of skins not only for these brand-new champions however also for other champions previously presented into the video game.

Gamers aiming to earn the latest Yordle champs have till Jan. 29 to finish the tasks as part of the occasion, otherwise, to claim these champions they will have to be bought from the in-game store.