The Lunar Monster occasion is here and with it has actually come a series of limited-edition skins readily available in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

To commemorate the Year of the Ox, Wild Rift has introduced 6 brand-new skins for various champs styled after the occasion. With the event set in a futuristic world based in 2057, these exclusive skins boast an outstanding mix of modern-day streetwear combined with ancient weapons coming together to produce an exceptionally special design.

Currently, the skins available are for Miss Fortune, Alistar, Annie, Fiora, Jarvan IV, and Darius. While the event will work on the PC League of Legends title in unaccent, the Lunar Beast Miss Fortune skin is special to Wild Rift.

In addition to the skins, Wild Rift will likewise hold a limited-time occasion with the opportunity to make rewards such as borders, icons, loot, and emotes.

The event will conclude on March 10 and will expose a special upgrade concerning the event on Feb. 12.