Among the exceptional things that comes from League of Legends exists character advancement throughout the game. This time their own Volibear is receiving a brand-new update that his brand-new involves look, new skills, and his new playstyle which are all being unveiled for fans to see now.

On the League of Legend website, they enter into terrific detail by describing Volibear in his updated bio about the new adventure he will take on and see what worth he brings into the game. They stated that, “To those who still revere him, the Volibear is the storm made manifest. Harmful, wild, and stubbornly undaunted, he exited before mortals strolled the Freljord’s tundra, and is increasingly protective of the lands that he and his demi-god kin developed. Cultivating a deep hatred of civilization and the weakness it brought with it, he now combats to return to the old methods – when the land was untamed, and blood spilled easily – and eagerly battles all who oppose him, with tooth, claw, and rumbling dominance”.

Riot Games, the designers of League of Legends, gave players a first look at the most recent update of Volibear by providing the distinct playstyle through a 30-minute live stream on the League of Legends YouTube page.

With Volibear’s upgrade it offers him an enormous profile and wilder looks. The splash art and the video game models even reveals that his heavy silver armor is eliminated. Volibear is likewise get a set of dangling braids that reminiscent carefully to Ornn’s much shorter locks that makes his mane more evident. Volibears arms and left eye both have glowing symbols tatted on.

With Volibear skills, which fans have been waiting for. Volibear new move, The Unrelenting Storm, launches an electronic shock and can deal magic damages to any of his opponents that neighbors. To see all of Volibear skills and other updates contributed to him, check the League of Legends site. League of Legend’s Volibear upgrade is out now.