The Arena Banners will be released on all League of Legends streams starting with Summer season Split throughout the season-ending World Champions.

Gamers will then be seeing ads throughout the game’s map. The banners will feature League of Legends partners and eSports related brands.

The banners will be special depending on regional and regional viewers. This addition is the very first brand-new digital service of Riot Games prior to the Summertime Split.

The banners are created to form a much better watching experience for viewers of League of Legends. The developers are hoping that mimicing advertising methods from traditional sports will spark more interest in the game.

A Twitter post revealed Mastercard as one of the marketers to be shown on Arena Banners. Mastercard has been a longtime partner of League of Legends.

The credit card company has teamed up with the League of Legends Champion Series to sponsor a fan to attend the finals.

While the recent plans have forced the developers to reschedule the tournament to happen online, Mastercard has already remained in cooperation with League of Legends for rather a long time.

Riot Games have over 50 partners throughout the world. International partners such as Mastercard and Alienware have already agreed to belong to the Arena Banners.

Players and pro players don’t have to fret about the banners appearing in every authorities tournaments. Pro players will still see the original Summoner’s Rift so the banners will not be an eye-sore throughout matches.

On the other hand, live stream viewers will be the only ones who will see the real-world branding ads.

Riot Games take a look at Arena Banners as a technique for teams to establish and develop. Alongside Arena Banners, other services such as Watch objectives and Pro View enable the designers to check out with the audiences experience.

Sponsorships and advertisements are common in sports arenas around the world which has been a big part of enhancing their sales. This is why the developers wish to attempt to integrate this marketing strategy in game.

Summer season Split will be starting on June 13. Audiences can expect more digital brand names to sign up for League of Legends’ Arena Banners before the event officially starts.