League of Legends Spot 11.4 goes live the week of Feb. 15, and with it comes some modifications to champs that gamers enjoy in addition to a few items. Most changes targeted jungler champions, so the mid lane tier list will not have too numerous changes. Comparable to the last patch, assassins with high-burst damage stay viable choices.

With a recently decreased cooldown to his second ability, and an increase in his attack-damage output, Talon remains in the greatest tier bracket this spot. As forecasted, assassins that deal physical damage like Yasuo and Yone are still strong choices in this spot. Ability-power mage assassins like Katarina and Ahri saw some direct and indirect buffs. Katarina’s supreme ability now deals an increased amount of damage, making her even more powerful in the late game. Morellonomicon’s increased ability-power is bound to increase Ahri’s high burst damage. The product can also benefit another champion on the list, Anivia, who despite not being as mobile makes it to the S-tier thanks to her crowd control and adaptability.

After the enthusiasts he got in 11.3, Sylas ended up being an A-tier mid-laner. Assassins like Kassadin, Qiyana and Diana are good choices although their lane phases might not be as strong as the control mages. Speaking of control mages, in spite of being stable, champs like Vladimir, Orianna, Heimerdinger, Cassiopeia and Swain produce fantastic contributors throughout team battles and still have enough to combat on their own.

Most champs in the tier-list have carry out well against particular match-ups, such as Aurelion Sol, Lux and Brand name. Their lack of movement makes them vulnerable if they are up against assassins, however they still contribute a lot to group battles. Some ability based mages that are practical in this tier are Xerath, Zilean, Zoe, Malzahar, Galio, Twisted Fate, and Morgana. For mixed-damage or physical damage, Akali, Sett, Kayle, and Kog’Maw are other alternatives.

With an enthusiast that reduces the mana cost of his first ability, Veigar might make a return this patch because of how much damage he will be able to deal now. Despite several nerfs, Zoe was not performing as bad as predicted, which is why she went up a spot. But with champs like Talon and Katarina high on the list, this makes stable champs like Syndra, Ziggs, Ryze and Lissandra in a susceptible position. Others like Ezreal, Tristana and Corki do stand a possibility, but since this is reliant on the skill of each gamer, they are in the C-tier for now.

Azir was very little of a strong pick after the nerfs he went through in 11.3, though it is possible that Morellonomicon’s enthusiast could help his position. Twisted Fate and Neeko have actually not seen any changes this patch, so they will remain in the D-tier for the time being.