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League of Legends It has currently kicked off what will be its l lth competitive season and comes with many new features that the community expected. In a one hour broadcast Riot Games revealed the information of this season 11 that guarantees a lot and will have great changes in the competitive mode.

Among the news that the League of Legends neighborhood most awaited is elimination of promos in ranked queues, bye losing promotions. Likewise the end-of-season elo reset will now apparently bring you closer to the rank you were in last season and we will have an enhancement in the matchmaking system.

On the other hand, Riot Games guaranteed that Clash will continue to be extremely crucial to League of Legends. The very first of these competitions will be on January 15. Likewise the Maestro and Challenger lines will open from day 1.

Another strong point is the new champions for this season, a minimum of in the first half they will all be connected to the tradition of the Isles of Shadows and the very first will be Viego, the Ruined King, which would get to the end of January. This champion will be a melee jungle who can steal souls and capabilities from his enemies. But there will likewise be champs for all positions and beware, a wizard-fighter will get here for the toplane and a new magician-gunner from Bandle.

The reworks will also return with everything and after Dr World, tasks will arrive for Shyvana, SKarner, Nocturne, Udyr or Quinn. They likewise guarantee that this 2021 We will have more than 140 brand-new skins.

You can enjoy the complete broadcast here.

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