New things are concerning League of Legends according to Patch 10.25’s early sneak peek. Mark Yetter, Gameplay Style Lead for League of Legends, published an image on his Twitter stating the following updates were coming.

While many of these updates would be praised, such as a Taliyah upgrade, people are not happy that she was categorized as a jungler as she is considered by many of the community to be a mid laner.

Players are likewise stating that enchanter champions do not need enthusiasts, but that they require gold to be able to purchase products and experience so they don’t get too behind and snowball in matches.

There have likewise been complaints that towers are no longer as strong as they utilized to be. If you leave for a specific quantity of time, your tower will just perish.

Gamers are concerned but delighted that the changes are coming. With each new modification, the video game modifications too with its meta. The freshness of everything that comes with a patch is both stimulating, however it brings a lot of gamers to the height of their nerves in fear that their main champion will suffer. With these fixes hopefully, gamers will be able to rest easy and play well this season.