There’s no screenshots or trailer, simply a tweet from Riot Games VP Greg Street.

The multiplayer online battle game League of Legends has stayed exceptionally popular since it initially launched back in 2009. And now there’s set to be another game carrying its name that has the prospective to be a lot more popular.

As Windows Central reports, Riot Games has very quietly revealed that it’s working on a League of Legends massively-multiplayer online game (MMO). I state really silently since it was exposed in a twitter thread by Riot vice president Greg Street. Street’s initial tweet announced how his job recently at Riot had actually been to establish the League universe, however that, “My brand-new job is to start a big (some might say massive) video game that numerous of you, and numerous Rioters, have actually been asking us to develop.”

Usage of the word “massive” resulted in one response by Twitter user Richelle asking if the brand-new game is an MMO, to which Street reacted “It is an MMO.” And in the meantime that seems to be all we are getting, no details, no timeline, simply verification Riot is now working on an MMO set in the League universe.

Last year was League of Legends’ 10th anniversary and during the events Riot revealed two new tasks were in the works embeded in the League universe. They were described as Task A and Project F. Task An ended up being team-based shooter Valorant, however Task F remained a secret. This MMO is probably Project F, as at the time it was explained as “a task that checks out the possibilities of passing through the world of Runeterra with your pals,” but Riot has yet to verify it is.

MMOs are notoriously tough to earn money from unless they go the free-to-play route, which seems likely. They also take a really long time to develop, but League of Legends definitely isn’t going to disappear and Riot has a brand-new single-player League of Legends game introducing next year called Ruined King. The developer plainly has the time and resources it requires to strike the ground running with an MMO when it’s all set.