Reddit user u/farmerrr _ recently shared a great fan animation to the League of Legends subreddit that perfectly merges the worlds of League and popular anime One Punch Man. The animation itself is not a far cry from the content of League itself; after all, numerous of the champs possess abilities that would not be out of place in a shonen anime. In fact, champs like Yasuo-who is himself similar to a shonen protagonist-sport abilities that enable them to nearly quickly teleport to opponents’ places. Unfortunately, in League, it’s almost constantly individual.

In the case of One Punch Man, the show attempts to intentionally avoid a few of these shonen tropes and in a lot of cases end up parodying them. This is typically exhibited by the show’s lead character, Saitama, who has grown so strong that he can beat any opponent he comes across with one punch. This ability flies in the face of the bulk of shonen animes, which even the most casual of fans know usually include fancy, dragged out battles that become significantly absurd as the story reaches its conclusion. In One Punch Man, nevertheless, even conflicts that have actually been built up to for multiple episodes are almost constantly resolved in seconds.

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The Reddit post, which u/farmerrr _ mentions as being produced by YouTuber “Violent Poro,” recreates a sparring match between Saitama and his protégée, Genos. In the original clip, Genos wants to test himself versus Saitama’s strength just to find himself hopelessly beat. At the battle’s conclusion, Saitama feigns a punch at Genos only to stop at the last moment, with the wind from his fist obliterating a mountain in the background. In the fan animation, the battle is recreated with Yasuo as Genos and one of League’s more recent champions, Sett, as Saitama. The fight plays out similar method, with Baron Nashor taking the location of the mountain at the end of the animation.

This animation strikes the mark on a number of levels. As pointed out previously, Yasuo is basically the character that Genos would be in a standard shonen anime. Secondly, Sett differs from lots of other League champions because he uses his fists instead of a real weapon. Third, numerous League gamers have actually stated that they consider Sett to be subdued, which makes his comparison to Saitama all the much better. Lastly, in the animation, Yasuo uses much of the same discussion as Genos; particularly, because he is ready to do whatever it takes to be the finest, however that he can not see himself ever besting Sett. This works due to the fact that Sett, while not being a tough counter to Yasuo, is an extremely beneficial pick against him due to his capability to dish out damage based on just how much he takes. Yasuo focuses on dealing damage while mitigating it for himself; Sett absorbs that damage and returns it.

Obviously, the comparison is not 1 to 1. In truth, hardcore fans of League and One Punch Guy alike will instantly point out that for Sett to be most reliable, he needs to take damage. This would never ever work for the real Saitama, as he has actually never taken noticeable damage in the anime and has only done so as soon as in the manga. Additionally, a character with Saitama’s power would break any competitive game he remained in, which is why he is a joke pick in One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Understands. However, the animation clearly isn’t suggested to be thought about this deeply; it is ultimately a humorous and brief video that fans of either League of Legends or One Punch Man owe it to themselves to have a look at.

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Source: farmerrr _, Violent Poro

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