On the 23rd, at the 2021 LCK Spring Split, DWGKIA beat Afreeca Freecs 2-0 to overcome the defeat in the previous game. It wasn’t an easy game for DWG KIA, however he won with good outcomes from Heo “Showmaker” Sue and Kim “Khan” Dongha. After the match, the game players were interviewed by the analyst desk.

What do you believe of today’s triumph?

ShowMaker: Performance wasn’t really good, however I’m fortunate to win.

Kahn: I’m relieved to win 2-0, but with present performance it will be a tough journey in the future. We require to work more difficult and get ready for the remainder of the match for great outcomes.

You would have been surprised after the previous match. It is stated that he is practicing more with Solo Hint. How was your feedback?

ShowMaker: I can’t elaborate on feedback here. There were many problems that we are attempting to fix them all one by one.

In Game 1, there was a scenario where Graves and Thresh were disconnected prior to going to the dragon. How did you goal to play the video game?

Kahn: He said his opponents didn’t make as numerous mistakes as we did, so we must play gradually and find opportunities. In post-match feedback, we went over how we didn’t snowman and the errors we made after the match, and said we should do better in the 2nd match.

( To ShowMaker) What do you consider the 3 significant mid-champions of Meta today, Syndra, Zoe and Oriana?

ShowMaker: Each champ has various power spikes and strengths and weaknesses. I think every mid laner picks what they are confident about.

You chose Lucian initially in Game 2. Are you confident in the champion your challenger has selected?

ShowMaker: Lucian is a strong choice from early to mid-game. I played with an emphasis on priority.

You often played versus Syndra. The direct record between Lucian and Syndra in LCK is 5-0 in favor of Lucian. What do you believe about this match?

ShowMaker: For Lucian vs. Syndra, I believe Syndra is more comfy. Nevertheless, Lucian is more powerful early in the game, and if Lucian plays well, it’s a comfortable match for both.

( To Kahn) You let loose Rift Herald on the method. Why did you unleash her in the mids instead of the top?

Kahn: I was pushing the lanes initially to prioritize, so if I had the possibility, I was going to launch Sherry to the leading and get more earnings. Nevertheless, my colleagues shot-call the movements of their challengers Alistar and Lee Sin. They were moving closer to the top, so I thought it would be much better to use her in the mid while the opponent was concentrating on the leading lane, instead of using Sherry in the top, so I utilized her in the mid. It was.

Game 2 had plenty of battles and skirmishes. When did you believe it flowed?

Kahn: Halfway through the video game, there was a distinction in jungle speed in between Nidalee and Lee Singh, so there was a comfy two-level lead in the jungle. However, Lee Singh was murdered and they were offered higher top priority. I didn’t expect to have an advantage up until the second half of the video game, so I thought I ‘d finally won when I stopped trying Baron … well, it appears like they won.

How was the shot call when they were trying the Baron?

Kahn: Still, while capturing the Baron, we were discussing taking a 2nd turret in the midlane, however when the ghost said he stopped Gragas, we thought we might stop them and get in. It was.

The next opponent is Gen.G. This is the team you require to defeat to reach very first place.

ShowMaker: Current efficiency has dropped significantly. I likewise feel that my performance is really irregular, so I’m trying to be more consistent. I will do my finest, so please support me.

Kahn: There are still a great deal of things missing out on. I won 2-0 today, however it was a pity that I revealed my weak points. In the next match, I ‘d like to fix those regrets and play well versus Rascal, who I believe is the very best top fitness instructor in Korea today. I will prepare the remaining time well and try to get good outcomes.

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