The developers from Riot Games have shared a spotlight of a new character pertaining to MOBA League of Legends. Viego, the Messed Up King, is among the most renowned figures in the history of Runeterra. But what happens when history all of a sudden resurfaces and returns one of the darkest chapters to today?

A number of days ago the group shared a lengthy blog post dedicated to the process of bringing the Messed up King to life … in a manner. The developers discussed Viego’s character and story in greater detail and the ways to match it by means of his visuals and capabilities.

A thousand years back, Viego was a young, untested king of Camavor, an empire of aggressive conquerors. Self-centered and immature however likewise immensely effective, Viego saw a gorgeous lady named Isolde and decided that he had to have her. Being a citizen, Isolde concurred.

It is unknown whether Viego genuinely loved her, however the facts are that he overlooked his duties as a king to focus on love. However, one of his various enemies tried to take over Viego’s position. Rather of releasing Camavor from an useless king, the blade found Isolde, and in doing so set the world down the path to mess up.

” In a desperate attempt to save what he loved most, Viego brought Isolde to the Waters of Life on the Blessed Isles. However instead of Isolde returning with a profusion of love, she lashed out in pain, fear, and rage. She stabbed Viego through the chest with his sword, and in doing so unleashed the Ruination– a blast which devastated the Isles, twisting all those present into monstrosities, including the land itself.”

The team invested some time to make certain that Viego’s gameplay reflected his fantasy of being a young, petulant king and lord of the Shadow Isles and Black Mist. Kings are sovereign over their individuals. Rulers by right, leaders by nature. So what kind of regal power over others would Viego have carried over into his post-life wraith state? The power to take control of the dead, of course.

Creating a champion whose passive is to be a completely different champ might be confusing to play versus, however unlike Sylas, Viego takes control of his enemy’s body. “Annie” doing Annie things makes sense. What the group actually required to do was discover a way to make it obvious that “Annie” was still Viego.

“In one of the early versions we utilized a shader to change the entire champ as a ghostly figure. However this was too tough to determine in the heat of battle. The solution we found was using his crown and providing them a somewhat various shade over their model to match.” – explains VFX artist Trevor “Riot Temcampy” McTavish.

Viego’s other source of power is the Black Mist. The style the group arrived on is a more localized Painful. Viego summons the Black Mist and haunts a section of terrain. When within it, he gains camouflage, dons his armor, and takes off, all set to hunt down his victim.

Blade of the Destroyed King is among the most renowned items in League and the team wished to incorporate it into the Ruined King. The service can be found in a type of another passive.

Viego’s Q is called Blade of the Messed Up King, and grants him the capability to apply on-hit results twice. When coupled with the in-game item, Viego can get double the on-hit result on each target as long as he weaves abilities with vehicles.

Seems the sword mores than happy to be when again wielded by its master.