League of Legends’ long-awaited team tournament system Clash finally came to the MOBA game around this time last year, offering gamers the opportunity to “fight as five – win as one” in the mode for the really first time. Now, developer Riot Games has posted a lot of details on how it intends to make the mode even much better for the coming year.

” Clash is still at the start of its journey to end up being the very best competitive arranged play experience for League players everywhere,” product lead for competitive gameplay Cody ‘Riot Codebear’ Germain says. “This year, we’re focusing on three of the most significant issues that decrease gamer interest and excitement for Clash.”

Having invested much of 2020 getting the mode into a more stable and supported state, tech-wise, the Clash group is aiming to strike three huge concerns to enhance the mode this year: “supply players better methods to find others to fill out their lineup”, “reduce barriers to entry for Clash”, and “identify and action smurfs earlier in Clash”.

To attend to the very first of these points, Riot’s carrying out a ‘Build-a-Team’ variation 2. New features for 2.0 include offering free agents access to a ‘Find-a-Team’ page which will reveal groups on the lookout for gamers, through which you can apply to fill an area.

In addition, 2.0 makes alerts pop up for group captains when a complimentary representative applies to join their team, and they can see all pending applications in a welcome screen, too. Riot says it’s intending to improve the forming teams part of the procedure due to the fact that it reckons “teams who have an excellent competition experience together will naturally wish to group up once again in the future”.

Regarding barrier reduction, it appears like there’ll be more flexibility around ranked placements and entry going forward. At the beginning of the year, Riot let players who hadn’t ended up 2021 placements still contend in the Shadow Isles cup as long as they had been ranked in 2015’s season, which the dev notes was “an excellent step in enabling those that didn’t want to rush through their placements to take part”. The studio says it’ll be carrying this forward into future seasons.

Plus, the cadence of Clash is doubling to every 2 weeks, instead of once a month. This is so players who can’t make one session won’t be unable to bet eight weeks on the trot. The dev’s likewise looking into hosting some special Clash occasion for many years to assist those who discover weekends challenging to make. Beautiful things.

On the last priority, Germain states the Clash group is checking out how to bring improvements made to Ranked matchmaking into the competition mode, which indicates “better skill detection for new accounts that have little ranked data beyond the 10 placement matches required to play Clash, as well as offering more clarity around match quality expectations to competition participants”.