Riot refutes allegations by an ex-girlfriend of Riot employee, specifying that League of Legends’ character Seraphine is not based upon her.

Riot released a declaration acknowledging and refuting an accusation by an ex-girlfriend of a Riot staff member, who claims League of Legends’ new character Seraphine is based upon her. Stephanie, who passes the username @step_nie on Twitter, posted a tweet mentioning she was uncomfortable with the resemblances in between herself and Seraphine.

Riot launched a statement concerning the claims made by Stephanie. Riot specified that Seraphine was separately produced by Riot Games and was not based upon any one individual. In addition, Riot declared that the former staff member Stephanie was dating left Riot over a year back and did not have any input into the creative style procedure.

Riot refuted the claim of misappropriation, and stated that they investigated the accusations after receiving a letter from Stephanie’s legal representative last month. “We confirmed that her claim of being the basis for Seraphine lacks merit, interacted this to her attorney, and welcomed him to go over the realities with us.”

A great deal of specifics regarding Seraphine line up extremely closely with truths about Stephanie, from her name to her cartoonistic sketches of herself. Seraphine and Stephanie both have felines, and the character art shows striking resemblances to images she sent out to her ex-boyfriend. Seraphine and Stephanie likewise share the same hair color, eye color, and face shape.

According to Stephanie, she dated a Riot worker for 3 months, a guy she describes as “John.” During that time he discussed his job, and they would speak about her favorite champion, Ahri. She specifies throughout those discussions he would bring up ideas for skins that sounded a lot like her. She said that John “suggested an e-girl or uncomfortable skin for Ahri to his coworkers that he suggested was inspired by me.” Stephanie said she informed him it was a bad idea from the start.

In her post she went on to state that she and John played League of Legends together routinely. According to Stephanie, when she would make jokes while they played, he said things like “we need to put that in.” She mentions that John likewise told her he was involved with K/DA’s very first skins since he knew a great deal of individuals on the group. According to her post, John suggested that he had impact over the task, and had actually made successful pitches in the past. She went on to state that John was not a character or a skin designer.

While there are striking similarities between Seraphine and Stephanie, it is uncertain whether the case will see its day in court, as Stephanie and her legal representative have not responded after Riot’s statement.

League of Legends is offered for PC.

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Source: dexerto, @step_nie, and @TimRizzo

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