Riot Games has announced a brand-new crossover event coming to League of Legends and League of Legends: Wild Rift. The event called Lunar Beasts has actually brought a range of cosmetics to the games for gamers to unlock and use.

In League of Legends this suggests 2 special skins, one for the brand-new character Viego and one for Aphelios, along with Lunar Monsters skins for Darius, Jarvan IV, Annie, Alistar, and Fiora in Wild Rift. New borders, loot, icons and emotes are also to be offered in case Pass.

All Random Ultra Rapid Fire mode is also making a return, offering players a chance to play a match without any capability expenses and minimized cooldowns.

Wild Rift will be getting an unique Lunar Beasts event to the main game, one that will see players have to finish goals and objectives to make unique icons. Wild Rift is likewise getting a special Lunar Monsters Miss Fortune skin, along with the different other new Lunar Beasts skins pointed out previously.

As for when this all starts, the Lunar Beasts event kicks-off today, February 4.

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