League Champions Korea, the Korean division of League of Legends’ official esports broadcast, has announced a make over for 2021.

New LCK logo

The logo design, referred to as with confidence contemporary, streamlines the timeless LCK eagle in the type of 2 stylized isosceles triangles that represent the brand-new, without disregarding the old. The brand-new sans-serif box font changes the old font style and complements the sharp corners of the triangle.

” It represents the past and future, both sides of the rift, and the powerful spread wings of flying birds. Our logo was inspired by the exact angles and stars of our historical mark. We respect geometry, “said the main brand note of the league.

Broadcast post-match graphics

Like the EU LEC, the LCK bets on simple shapes and brilliant colors motivated by the sky and atmosphere, permitting players and League of Legends to end up being true stars of the program. Motion graphics feature a very minimalist design that provides the audience with the stats they require without interruptions.

Arena.The renowned entrance stairs of Rol Park

Broadcasting is not the only makeover in 2021. LCK Arena, also known as LoL Park in Seoul, will match the looks of the league. If you are interested in more complex design elements, you can discover them on the main brand name website of the league.

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