One League of Legends player managed to use abilities from five separate champs to choose up a pentakill on Viego.

In a clip published to Reddit earlier today, a Viego player engaged the opponent team outside of their base in a one-vs-three late-game skirmish. To start, they immediately eliminated the opponent team’s support, Morgana, and possessed their body through the use of Viego’s passive, Sovereign Supremacy. The capability enables Viego to possess opponent champs that he helps kill and it played an important role in protecting this player’s pentakill.

After having Morgana, the Viego gamer used their newfound Dark Binding (Q) to snare the enemy jungler, Graves, and subsequently eliminate him too. Then, the Viego player turned their focus to the enemy Anivia, who attempted separating Viego from their group with Crystallize (W).

However the Viego gamer had actually already possessed the opponent Graves and utilized Quickdraw (E) to dash right through Anivia’s wall. The Viego gamer made fast work of Anivia from there and continued to press the attack, this time in the body of the Cryophoenix. A well-placed Glacial Storm (R) and Flash Frost (Q) combination were able to enable the Viego player to dispatch the last 2 enemy champions, Samira and Yone, under their middle inhibitor tower.

After the Viego player secured the last kill in their one-vs-five rampage, they nonchalantly utilized Heartbreaker (R) to get away over the wall of the opponent base and get back to service as typical.