A YouTube video posted by Skin Spotlights today revealed the upcoming visual updates to the forgotten jungler, Udyr.

While the League of Legends community speculated that Udyr would be hard to update because he has lots of types, the precedent that was set by Kayle’s upgrade and revamp ensured that this was a possibility going forward.

Here’s a glimpse at a few of the visual updates to Udyr’s capabilities.

While the visual updates appear on par with the contemporary standards in League, Udyr’s set remains uninspired. He sits at an abysmal play rate of 39th out of 40 junglers picked in the present patch, according to op.gg information. It’s not likely that these updates will increase his pick rate.

All of Udyr’s skins were likewise upgraded to match the basic visual changes. The VFX updates will go live in Patch 10.15, according to senior VFX artist at Riot, Kevin “Sirhaian” Leroy.