League of Legends designer Rob “KingCobra” Rosa exposed earlier today that he’s looking into try out changes to Aurelion Sol in the future.

Rosa, who belongs of the League balance team, is an Aurelion Sol main himself.

” Moving on, I’ll be exploring changes to a few of A Sol’s numbers with the objective of redistributing some of the power allocated towards strolling into damage,” Rosa said. “My hope is that this will make him feel more impactful and advance his identity as an AoE damage dealership in fights.”

No explicitly particular modifications were announced by Rosa or anybody else on the League group, however the concept of providing more power to abilities such as Starsurge (Q) and Celestial Growth (W) ought to fascinate fans of a champ that remains in desperate need of support in the damage department.

On Patch 11.4, Aurelion Sol posts a miserable choice rate of 0.8 percent throughout all solo queue video games, according to League stats website op.gg. That mark offers the Star Forger the 46th-worst choice rate amongst all mid lane champions in the game, even behind obscure mid lane choices like Garen, Sett, and Viego.

On the expert phase, things are much even worse for Aurelion Sol. The champ has just been selected 21 times in a major region given that the start of 2019, according to gol.gg. In almost half of those video games, he was played by one player: Group WE mid laner Teacherma.

Furthermore, Rosa said there are “no assurances” that these changes will hit the live servers. “I’m not going to be looking at mechanics modifications,” Rosa said. “Simply moving some numbers around.”

Regardless, Aurelion Sol mains must be thrilled that a relatively forgotten champ might be beginning to have his time in the spotlight again.