JackeyLove’s performance throughout the series assisted Top Esports protect this clean sweep.

Leading Esports removed LGD Gaming in a tidy 2-0 sweep today during the third week of 2021 LPL Spring Split.

JackeyLove was the main piece of this win today, popping off on Samira and Xayah throughout the series, ending up with a combined KDA of 20/1/9. His experience and remarkable mechanics in both games helped TES safe early leads across the entire map, which they transformed to items and neutral goals.

The very first video game draft looked terrific for both teams. TES secured power choices such as Gnar and Samira, while LGD got Graves and Aphelios. In video game TES funneled a lot of resources into the bottom lane, which had a great deal of kill pressure with Rell as a support. After giving JackeyLove early kills, his pressure on Samira was too much for LGD to handle. With product, goals, and eliminates leads, TES finished the game in 31-minutes.

After the Samira performance from JackeyLove, LGD prohibited it during the next game, nevertheless that was insufficient to stop the super star ADC. He got Xayah and after some early focus from his jungler on the bottom side of the map, he popped off as soon as again, taking the control of the game in his own hands. After several one-sided teamfights in which TES came out ahead, they ended up the second game and the series.

TES (2-2) has actually climbed up to seventh place in the 2021 LPL Spring Split standings. They have a rematch against their 2020 competitors in JD Gaming next week. Tune in at 5am CT on Sunday, Jan. 31 to see who will emerge triumphant.