In the last decade, thanks in big part to the popularization of Twitch, fans have begun tuning into esports occasions at a spectacular rate. The development has been outstanding for each consecutive year given that and it does not appear to be slowing down. That development in viewership has worked together with a massive increase in prize cash on deal.

In 2019 alone, more than $215 million was granted throughout more than 4,600 tournaments. That’s compared to simply $13.8 million taped by tracking website Esports Earnings in 2012.

Nearly a quarter of the 2019 total was granted at the ninth edition of Valve’s yearly Dota 2 event, The International. A whopping $34.3 million was shared throughout the 18 taking part groups, with eventual champions OG netting an overall of $15.6 million.

Here are the players with the biggest reward money amounts to in esports history, from the present leading video games to the leading titles from the past.

Loki set a world record by ending up being the highest-paid PUBG player worldwide. Loki made a name for himself on the battle royale scene by placing leading 3 in major tournaments and winning the PUBG international invitational in 2018.

Starcraft 2 is the present that keeps on offering. Starcraft has been a component of Esports video gaming ever because the initial video game released in the 90s. And since, Korean gamers have actually controlled the leaderboards, Maru staking his claim amongst them. He increased to prominence by ending up being the youngest player to ever contend and win on the pro circuit at age 13. In 2018 he sealed himself as a household name by winning $200,000 at the World Electronic Sports Games.

Feg has actually made a name for himself playing Shadowverse, a digital card game similar to Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering. Using his wit and outstanding deck-building method, the Japanese national was able to make over $1 million in 2019. Entering into the year he was a total unknown and an underdog but nobody ignores him after seeing his high level of play.

Call of Task can get you paid. C6 plays for the Dallas Empire and earned $1.2 million in 2019. Throughout his career, he’s become the player with the most wins in Call of Duty Esports history. C6 has actually won 3 world champions and 37 major tournaments.

Who stated keeping up all night playing League of Legends doesn’t pay? Faker has made himself $1.3 million on the Esports circuit, playing League of Legends, having actually won the League world championship in his very first season as a pro.

CounterStrike is a video game frequently ignored in a world filled with Call of Responsibility and Battlefield, however it has a large competitive following. CounterStrike players are frequently some of the very best on the world because of the large level of skill it takes to be able to make it through the climb up the competitive ladder. Dupreeh is another Danish gamer that used his high level of ability to earn $1.9 million in 2019 and his 4th Valve Major title.

In Fortnite, the go-to fight royale for a new generation, Bugha is king. Fortnite is among the most played games worldwide and the Esports scene for it is substantial, as a result, the cash prize is too. Teenaged Bugha wound up winning $3.2 million at the Fortnite World Cup in 2019.

Ana built his name as an elite Dota 2 gamer while contending as a part of team OG. The team won the Dota International in 2018 and 2019, being one of the few gamers to be able to win the competition in back to back years. A testimony to his ability given how stiff competition can be. He has won over $6 million through his gaming care

JerAx recently retired from contending in Dota 2 competitions, but not before creating a legend for himself and earning over $6.5 million while doing so. Having fun with various teams over the years he’s won numerous champions consisting of the Dota International in 2018 and 2019.

Johan is a Danish, Dota 2 player and he was Esports highest-paid professional athlete in 2019. He led his groups to triumph at the Dota 2 international 2 years in a row. Notail got competitive video gaming at the age of 15 and quickly changed to Dota 2 from his original video game Heroes of Newerth. After years of competition, he’s made a track record as one of the leading competitive players on the world, particularly in MOBAs.