Starting this weekend, fans of League of Legends esports have the opportunity to make special come by tuning into LCS broadcasts, Riot Games revealed today. The rewards can include champions, skins, and blue essence up for grabs.

Drops been available in the form of cards, each representing a distinct reward. Cards are dropped randomly throughout LCS streams and come in 4 various ranges.

There are legendary, legendary, mythic, and ultimate cards. The rewards you can make vary depending upon a card’s rarity. An epic card will generally contain a percentage of blue essence, while a supreme could include skins, champion fragments, and even Clash tickets.

In-match events also trigger drops, with outplays, teamfights, and possible Baron steals all being thought about.

You can open come by logging into with your League account and deciding in to receive benefits. When a video game event triggers a drop, you’ll then get an on-screen notification.

You’ll immediately get the reward by clicking the alert or examining on your profile page.