Hey there LoL enthusiasts and welcome back to RotoBaller’s protection of LCS for the Summer split on FanDuel and DraftKings. With one weekend in the books, it’s now time to see if specific teams are as good as they’ve looked opening weekend and if some teams are as bad as they played. All other than for C9, we know they are good … and are still going to be pretty damn good no matter what.

We have another two-game Friday slate on tap for us in the LCS. This slate has two reasonably boring video games for us to dive into however there is still money to be made in DFS. I ‘d encourage you to play lighter on this 2 player and place most of your money on the 4 gamers throughout the weekend. It’s so difficult to get various in two-game slates without playing suboptimally stack sensible and 99% of the time there’s a tie for first even if the quantity of lineup combinations available is so low given that the gamer swimming pool is little. So conserve your ammo for the real slates this weekend and tread gently.

Today I’ll be bringing you my League of Legends advice, analysis, and picks, for the four-game LCS slate on FanDuel and DraftKings that locks on Friday, June 19th at 9:00 PM. Do not hesitate to follow me on Twitter @Governor98. Thanks for reading, now let’s get to the strategy and picks!

Because LCS contests are being offered on both FanDuel and DraftKings, it is necessary to keep in mind some pricing disparities from website to site, but the roster slots, scoring, and lineup construction guidelines are almost totally identical with the only exception being that FanDuel forces you to roster a minimum of one gamer (or group slot) from a 3rd group, while you can play just 2 groups amongst your 7 lineup slots on DraftKings.

Last weekend, we had pieces of both these groups at one point. GGS on Saturday and CLG on Sunday. This video game will be where you can possibly get various on this slate as I think the other video game is rather one-sided. I like the topside of GGS in Hauntzer, Closer, and Damonte. I believe that the mid lane is the closest in the match that has Damonte vs. Pobeltor. I offer a slight edge to Pobeltor there probably but I think GGS takes this one. Closer is a rising star in the league and I think in this kind of jungle meta he can take control of this video game and snowball it enough to make GGS a success. I would not blame anybody for getting contrarian with a CLG stack at low ownership, nevertheless.

TSM burned us last weekend on Saturday however I like them here against IMT. IMT looks horrible and I think they are the leader in the clubhouse to finish last. TSM should close this one out quickly and easily. There’s not a ton to state here, however I like Bjergsen the most on TSM as I believe he has the greatest inequality in his lane, but all the TSM plays are great. Attempting to get different with your stacks and still trying to play fairly optimally is the essential to the two-game slate format. This line feels like it needs to be even bigger with how bad IMT used opening weekend and I don’t really have any interest in Immortals even on a two-game slate.

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