The LCS made several significant modifications throughout the offseason. Format adjustments and a rebranding, which was revealed earlier today, are the main dishes of the evolution of this franchised League of Legends league.

The modifications have to do with more than just changing the logo design and branding, however. According to LCS commissioner Chris Greeley, the rebranding represents a complete change in how the company sees its product.

” We don’t require to be standard sports any longer,” Greeley told Dot Esports.

The timing of the rebranding is surprising, particularly when Riot chose to keep the LCS identity the very same 2 years back when franchising shown up and the EU LCS transitioned into the LEC. However Greeley stated it’s remained in the works for at least a year.

” We developed this rebrand project back in the 2019 offseason,” Greeley stated. “The primary focus for us was to reconstruct an identity that reaches all the elements across the LCS, from content to broadcast production to how we interact with the fans and the neighborhood, etc.”

Another key part of the concept of the brand-new LCS is the novices of the league. There’s plenty of fresh, young blood this year making every effort to be the new stars of the region.

” After the retirement of Bjergsen and Doublelift, the rebranding comes at an ideal time,” Greeley stated. “This is an inflection point, and with the retirement of stars like Bjergsen, Doublelift, or Sneaky last year, the rebrand works as an excellent introducing point to develop new heroes and stars for the league.”

The preliminary opinions from the League neighborhood about this rebrand vary. Some individuals enjoy the brand-new identity while others dislike it. But Greeley believes some opinions might alter once people get utilized to the new identity.

” I can’t remember a rebrand in esports where the community looked at it and stated, ‘This is fantastic,'” Greeley said. “Change is really tough. We had this guard for the LCS all the method back to 2012. It changed, but the guard was always there. It was the same base logo just a little various. You can never ever expect that every fan takes a look at [a new identity] and states ‘Oh, yeah, this is exactly what we required.'”.

The team behind the LCS’ rebranding is likewise various from the one that developed both the LEC and LCK’s redesigns. While those two came from DesignStudio, this brand-new appearance for the LCS was made by Stink Studios.

” We have a branding team internally who had a great deal of discussions since they were looking for a group that they discovered truly comfortable dealing with, and this was the direction they decided to take,” Greeley stated.

Moving into the format adjustments for the LCS in 2021, these changes were surprising for a large part of the community given that Riot likewise made changes last season. However the LCS team and teams wished to carry out some brand-new things for the league this year.

” For the 2020 season, we made some modifications to the postseason format that worked truly well,” Greeley said. “Particularly in summertime, viewership was actually strong and the stories were really excellent. We spoke about a kick-off tournament after the season, probably for 2 or 3 years, however this is the year that everything fit, and we got the LCS Lock In.”.

The addition of this Lock In tournament and the MSI qualifier primarily affect the Spring Split, which has been a questionable subject in the community for a number of years. The idea that the Spring Split is practically unimportant has actually been a typical grievance among groups, fans, and gamers. Greeley “doesn’t share this point,” however he understands it.

” We eliminated the champion points last season since with the removing of the local onslaught, they didn’t make a great deal of sense to us,” Greeley said. “We invested a long time trying to figure out how we can add some more puff to the spring. With our brand-new format, we did provide a great chance for us to integrate records, still have some more weight on the summertime, now we acknowledge the groups’ efficiencies in spring.”.

When the worldwide events get here each year, the LCS teams don’t always have the finest efficiencies. And usually, this starts a discussion about how NA needs to make changes to be a more competitive league. Greeley thinks Riot’s latest changes are an action in the ideal direction towards that goal.

” From the league side, we attempt to pull whatever to make the league more competitive with things like the format, to make certain the teams will be competitive on phase, other changes in the academy environment,” Greeley stated. “I believe we are definitely at a better point than we were a year earlier.”.

The LCS will kick off with the Lock In competition on Jan. 15.