The League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) is beginning the brand-new year with a makeover.

Eliminating its star and bird logo design from previous seasons, the Korean league has relocated to newly shaded branding “motivated by the sky” with a more minimalistic logo design.

” Our new brand introduces a confident, contemporary style language that signals a strong new era for our league,” the LCK stated in a statement. “Our logo design records the confident, sophisticated spirit of our league. Comprised of two basic triangles, it represents the past and the future, two sides of the rift– and the powerful outstretched wings of a bird in flight. Our logo design pays regard to the accurate angles and star-inspired geometry our historical mark.”

A video published to the LCK Twitter today suggests that the “new era” of the league will include modifications to gameday production and visual appeals surrounding matches.

” Every aspect of our brand embodies our attitude– easily positive, aesthetically [enchanting] and artistically inspiring,” the LCK website states. “Underpinned by a series of style and motion principles, we bring our attitude to life through every component of our visual language.”

Amongst the group’s concepts in designing the new LCK brand were contrast, minimalism, and an ability to “produce an ethereal world of unique atmospheres.”

The brand’s production modifications aim to emphasize the worth of momentum, depth, and measurements.

The LCK has not yet revealed when its Spring Split for 2021 will begin, however in 2015 the league began play in February with matches lasting through the middle of April.