Khan has actually been a solid top laner for DK this year, showcasing his mechanics on numerous champs.

The LCK production team is back with another weekly Mad Motion picture. During the first match of the week, the LCK group launches breathtaking snippets of previous League of Legends matches.

Today, fans were treated to a remarkable turn-around by DWG KIA’s Khan on Gnar, who used the champions set to its full capacity to reverse what looked like a lost fight. While most Gnar gamers would probably shot to combat in close distance in the ranged form, Khan promptly moved in and out of the battle until he stacked his rage bar and the let loose a lethal combination on uninformed Gen.G members.

The battle searched in favor on Gen.G, who were pushing their advantage against DK. However, after a stopped working supreme by Bdd’s Azir, Khan saw the opportunity to engage on the Gen.G squad. He slowly developed up his rage bar, prior to flashing in when it was full and releasing his supreme and W to keep the enemy group crowd-controlled.

Following this remarkable play, DK pressed their lead and reverse swept Gen.G. Khan was an essential member of this sweep, popping off with such excellent mechanics on numerous champs.

League fans can look forward to more Mad Motion picture highlights from the LCK production team next Wednesday throughout the first match of the week.