This play helped BRION protect the distressed against DWG KIA in 2nd week of 2021 LCK Spring Split.

The LCK production group is back with another weekly Mad Motion picture. Throughout the very first match of the LCK, the team showcases highlights of previous League of Legends matches.

LCK fans were dealt with today with an outstanding decision-making by Fredit BRION’s support Pleasure, who helped his team secure the clean 2-0 sweep over DWG KIA recently. If you’re an assistance who delights in playing engage champs, this clip is ideal for you to understand how to perform a flank on your opponents.

While both groups were concentrated on choosing up the dragon, Delight used his Oracle Lens to clear the vision and move through to jungle to try to flank DK. Without any wards in sight, DK had no idea what was coming for them and were trying to remove the dragon. When Delight was close to DK, he gave the green light for his group to engage and followed up with a Flash and Alistar combo to keep the carries of DK crowd-controlled. Following this play, BRO pushed the mid lane to protect the tidy 2-0 sweep.

BRION, previously called hyFresh Blade, are among the LCK’s newest teams. While they managed to take down DK, they couldn’t choose another win so far going into the 3rd week of the 2021 LCK Spring Split. League fans can look forward to another outstanding Mad Motion picture emphasize reel next week.