Gamers of LCK teams (from left) DRX, T1, Griffin and Damwon posture after winning the Rift Rivals against the LPL groups in 2019. (Riot Games).

The top four teams of Korean League of Legends league LCK and Chinese LoL league LPL are to clash online on May 28, according to reports, however Riot Games has yet to make an official statement relating to the event.

The leading 4 teams of LoL Champion Korea– T1, GenG, DRX and Damwon Video Gaming– and the leading four teams of the LoL Pro League– JD Video Gaming, Leading Esports, FunPlus Phoenix and Invictus Video gaming– will identify which area is on top. The Korean groups will play in LoL Park in Jongno, main Seoul, while the LPL groups will play in TJ Sports in Shanghai, with a latency of 30 to 40 milliseconds, according to esports page FOMOS.

Comparable occasions can not be held for the North America and European regions, as the latency would be much greater offered the range between the areas, causing significant lag.

Rift Rivals, the competition where teams from the exact same region group to eliminate other regions, was abolished in 2019. Last year, T1, Griffin, DRX and Damwon Gaming won the Rift Rivals against the very same four teams that are expected to appear on the LPL side, although lineups have actually altered given that.

As the Mid-Season Invitational has actually been canceled due to the spread of COVID-19, fans of League of Legends anticipated the next global competitors to be the 2020 LoL World Championships.

Nevertheless, T1 CEO Joe Marsh posted a poll on Twitter that gave hope to esports fans.

” Would you wish to see @T1LoL play friendly matches with @lplenglish teams to fill the MSI space (if guidelines allow),” Marsh published on April 26, which got 95.8 percent positive responses among 16,945 votes as of 9 a.m. on Sunday.

Marsh also tweeted on May 2 asking the leading three teams from LCK and LPL if they would want to play together in May.

Riot Games is reported to be working to arrange the competition, however Riot Games Korea has yet to validate the hosting of the event or the information.

If recognized, this would be the very first time for LPL and LCK teams to clash since the World Championships last year, increasing fans’ anticipation.

Although Chinese and Korean groups are known to have skirmishes routinely, outcomes are hardly ever shared with fans, keeping the relative strength of the regions a secret.

FunPlus Phoenix mid-laner Doinb had reported on his stream on April 25 that his team lost to GenG in scrimmages 6 games to none, but skirmish outcomes are understood to vary from real video games.

By Lim Jang-won ([email protected]).