The Las Vegas Raiders did not have a lot to extol on the defensive side of the ball this past season, as they completed the year in the bottom-3 in regards to points permitted per video game. They struggled to get stops on third down, saw their secondary and linebackers struggle, and stopped working to get a constant pass rush.

That resulted in teams being able to relax in the pocket and provide the ball against a young and inexperienced protective backfield. While many of the lineup on that side of the ball had a hard time, one gamer showed to not only be an iron guy for the Silver and Black, however likewise was able to be productive despite an incredible amount of double-teams, and holds.

For his efforts, this player is beginning to get some national attention, and rightfully so, as he has the talent, and drive to be an unique player in Raiders history.

In a recent piece for Bleacher Report, Kristopher Knox set out one gamer for each NFL team that has breakout potential in 2021. For the Raiders, the option was an easy one, as Knox tapped Madd Maxx Crosby for fame next season, this after he followed up a successful rookie season with one of the more consistent years of any Raiders defender.

Crosby racked up 10 sacks as a novice in 2019, coming out of no place as a fourth-round draft pick, and overshadowing Clelin Ferrell, who the Raiders took with the No. 4 general choice that same year. In 2020, Crosby rightfully got a lot more attention, and he responded by racking up seven sacks, which was a third of what the team was able to collect in overall.

Crosby and Ferrell are going to be a huge part of this defensive reconstruct in Las Vegas, and brand-new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley is going to expect a lot out of a person with 17 sacks currently to his credit. Las Vegas has to do a better job at getting after the quarterback next season, and if they do enhance, Crosby is going to be in the middle of all the success.