Around this time of the year, we begin hearing rumblings about possible locations for NFL players. A team like the Las Vegas Raiders might use all the upgrades it can get its hands-on, but it’s best to tread thoroughly with a gamer like JuJu Smith-Schuster.

While the team did finish a disappointing 8-8 last season, there were lots of positives, chief amongst them was the passing offense.

Wide receiver Nelson Agholor renewed his career in Silver and Black and must be on top of the team’s concern list. Quarterback Derek Carr clearly grew to trust ‘Nelly’ last season and the results promote themselves.

‘ 15’ was targeted 82 times by Carr, coming down with 48 of those, and reaching the end zone 8 times. Smith-Schuster was no slouch either in 2020, he caught 97 receptions and scoring nine touchdowns of his own.

Like Agholor, Smith-Schuster will also be an unrestricted free agent this offseason. Both will likewise get paid perfectly for their efforts, though Smith-Schuster will undoubtedly command more cash. Per Spotrac, his previous agreement was worth less than $5 million, so the Raiders would require to make a large financial investment.

There’s no rejecting Smith-Schuster’s skill, he’s built up 308 catches amounting to 3,726 receiving yards in just 4 years. He ‘d be an incredible deep danger for Carr and would likely take this offense to a different level thinking about the speed they already have in Henry Ruggs III.

It was actually Smith-Schuster that said by means of Twitch that he had an interest in signing up with the Silver and Black. The concern is, would Raiders brass be interested, or would they pass, all things considered?

” Should I just remain in Pittsburgh? Packers, Raiders, Jaguars … the Jets. … There’s a lot of excellent places to go.”

Let’s not forget the Raiders once invested in among his colleagues, Antonio Brown, and that didn’t well at all. Nobody’s saying that Smith-Schuster would cause the exact same level of issues as Brown did. Rather, the team would be best served to actually concentrate about this one prior to going in all-in on a ‘queen’ if they select to at all.

We have actually all see the level of interruption he’s given the Steelers, and today, the Raiders do not need that. Whether it’s pursuing fans on Instagram or biting off more than he might against the Cleveland Browns, Smith-Schuster’s talents don’t surpass the prospective diversion he would remain in Las Vegas.